Kiss Nails Goes Luxe with Disney Villains Nail Art Series
BY Kamille C. + Monday, August 5, 2013 | Dossier: Nails . News

Kiss Nails Disney Villains Kiss Nails Kiss Nails Goes Luxe with Disney Villains Nail Art Series Kiss Nails Disney Villains e1375467140937

Deep down every girl has a bad side — dark side one might even say. Disney’s infamous Villainenesses a la The Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent and Ursula just tend to fully embrace their dark side and now we can too with Kiss Pro Nail Art Villains Series. The renown beauty brand is fulfilling our beauty indulgence even further by launching a series of nail art that will allow us to embrace nail DIY more than we already have.

There are 4 kits in the series full equipped with caviar beads, HD Glitter, faux rhinesstone sheets, nail art sheets, foil tape, a flat brush and of course top coat polish.  Whether you want to create an ombre look, go aquamarine chic with Ursula or create a spotted nail design better than Cruella could have imagined, the options are endless.

The Kiss Nails Villains series to bring out the bad girl in you will be available in stores October 2013. The suggested retail price is $9.99.

Visit Kiss online to catch up on the latest on this series and their other great products
Facebook: KissNails
Twitter + Instagram: @KissProducts

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